Elements found in Nature

Squander Two has put into writing something which has annoyed me for an awfully long time, yet I have never written about it. The tendency that 'natural=good and manmade=bad'. It reminds me of a claim reported in 'New Scientist' that 'These swimming trunks are made from carbon and hydrogen, elements found in nature'.

It's related to the claim I saw when someone was doing a promo of Orange Juice at my local supermarket. '100% orange juice,' they said, 'contains added Vitamin C'. When I pointed out that if they've added stuff to it, then no matter how worthy the additive they can no longer logically describe it as '100% orange juice' the woman completely failed to grasp the point I was making and decided that I must need it explaining again. She was trying to argue that it was 100% pure orange juice before they added stuff to it, possibly accurate, but I could sell 100% pure orange juice (with added arsenic).

I'm fully behind not ingesting things which are unpleasant or harmful. I'm even been know to choose organic where possible - but this isn't an aversion to the manmade, it's an aversion to some of the nasties being ingested. I have no objection whatever to eating a gamma irradiated strawberry, for instance (assuming that the gamma emitter is suitably sealed!)