The Serenity Trailer is available from Serenity is a film based upon Joss Whedon's Firefly, which I've written about here.

The trailer is excellent, River gets to not 'hide in the corner a lot', and we get to see a little of the River we saw in the series when she used a gun...

The one thing I didn't note in the trailer is the 'Firefly' theme. I have my fingers crossed that this isn't excised from the finished film.

Serenity is the film I've looked forward to most in years. It's marked in my diary in big letters. Apparently it was one of Joss' toughest writing jobs ever, he had to cater for people who had never seen Firefly, as well as those who were very familiar with it.

Some may opt to see Firefly after the film, but to my mind - it cannot be a bad thing to have familiarity with one of the best shows which has been produced in recent years. The enjoyment of Firefly now far outweighs the enjoyment of it in six months time!

Take my love, take my land....