Royal Wedding

Today's the day for the royal wedding. I was going to go along to have a look at the thing, but due to the date change I can do so no longer (Monica has a commitment this morning and by the time we can get moving it'll be too late to get into Windsor). I can't say I'm that bothered to be honest, I was just a little curious. This whole thing has been a bit of a farce from start to finish. First Camilla won't be Queen, then she will be but won't use the title. First it can be in Windsor Castle, then it can't - it has to be in the Guildhall. Then the day has to change (okay, that one is beyond control) and the questions about legality. Then there was the 'Bomb' from the Sun and the objections.

The whole thing has a sort of inevitability about it, I just can't help but wonder what else can be cocked up.

On a personal level, I wish them every happiness. Having said that, this is our future head of state. What a way to run a country!