Referrer Logs

I thought I'd spend a little time looking at my Referrer logs (I just discovered how, terrible, isn't it?) There are some weird entries there.

Two people found my page after searching for the phrase '1101001' and another for 'binary code 1100001' - why anyone would want to such for that is beyond me. It's probably an old android joke.

I got one hit for 'eamon holmes & natasha kaplinsky'

One person found me after searching for the exact URL - surely if you know the exact URL to search for....?

I have no clue what the person who search for 'what the blip do we know' was after.

Several people have found this site via arty searches, such as 'Einstein Art', and there are lots of searches relating to 'blowing the bloody doors off'

The most popular searchphrase by far is 'fuckwit'

The most commonly used brower to use this site is Internet Explorer (for shame!) however over a quarter of you are using Firefox or Mozilla. Well done, you!

The majority of my readers are across the pond in the US, with the GB and EU following close behind. Unfortunately, most people hang around for less than 30 seconds. This is not good. Stop, smell the roses, browse a little. For the 10% who browse around for 30 minutes or more, even I don't spend that long! Feel free to comment.

This site is busiest, bizarrely, on Thursdays.

A large number of people have not repointed their rss/atom feeds to the feedburner address, this was to be expected!

As for search engines, some 75% of the traffic comes from Google, with Yahoo coming in at 8%, and a whole host of others which contribute very little. I knew google was dominant, but the margin surprised me. There are lots of sites which refer to me, but most of these seem to be automated rss things, spamming poker sites (which don't actually link to me), trackbacks and the like. No single site has pushed itself far enough up the rankings to be noticeable above the noise. sniff Nobody wants to link to me.... ;)

stumbleupon toolbarI did get a fair number of hits from something called Stumbleupon. I've never heard of this before, but I've had a look and it could be interesting. It seems like the kind of thing that only really becomes useful when you start to get a network of people building up, like Livejournal, so, if anyone has an account (or would like me to invite them so accounts start linked) then do let me know.

Finally, looking at my error logs, I really must work out how to do this favicon thing some time, favicon errors are filling my error logs!