Make my vote count

An excellent article in The Times today via make my vote count

If you live in one of the 425 constituencies in England, Wales and Scotland that the Electoral Reform Society say could be declared this morning without a qualm, for you the pretence of involvement in our democratic process is over. Excuse me while I add that fact to my list of Things That Should Provoke Revolution But For Some Reason People Are Happy To Let Slide. It is getting quite big now.

Well, I, for one, am bloody furious about this!

This ties in nicely with the programme on channel 4 last night, which explained in such simple terms that even a <insert nasty term here> could understand it exactly why it was the the politicians simply don't care about much of the country.

Though it isn't the single most important issue, Electoral reform is, to my eyes, the single most serious issue which nobody is talking about. From a good voting system comes voter participation, politicians responding to voters, and engagement. If I could have one policy implemented today, this would be the one. From this, other issues can start to be addressed.