Liberal Democrat Party Political

The Liberal Democrat party political was tonight. Labour was the day before yesterday. The thing starts with gentle, soothing music and a map. It's Charles Kennedy standing on the map doing his 'Fred the Weatherman' (but without the streaker).

He makes the point about the differences between Scotland and England (but not that Scotland has its own executive and England does not). Instead he points out that the Liberal Democrats form part of the Scottish Government.

There are lots of voxpops. I hope for the lib-dems own sake that these are genuine people from the street and not party activists.

The general impression was one which was a little cheesy, it didn't spend it's time attacking the other parties directly (that's two out of three so far) and was pretty positive. Of course, it was all for making its attacks indirectly (the reference to Tories having no seats in many cities, and Brent East).

The yellow floaty exclamation marks/arrow things were a little OTT for my taste.

It was stage managed, of course - but didn't hide this in quite the same way that the labour one tried to do with its forced informality, as such it didn't annoy.

As these things go, not a bad job.