Lib Dems Party Political 3

I happened across another Party Political last night. This one was for the Liberal Democrats. That makes the third for the Lib Dems that I've seen. I really do think that this was a mistake for the Lib Dems. It was a biography of Charles Kennedy, narrated by Sandi Toksvig. Looking back at the career of Kennedy, commenting that he once had more hair.

If you voted your conscience....It did make some good points, mentioning Iraq, education and so on - but the style of the thing was cringeworthy... and just as it made a few points the 'happy families' card was played.

The thing finished with the map turning completely yellow. This would have been more effective if they'd have used the 'If you thought they could win, would you vote Lib Dem?' map - the map going completely yellow would have produced a response of 'unbelievable' in many people.

First Gordon and Tony in soft focus 'Women in Love'-style, now 'Charles Kennedy: The Biography'. Next are we to see Michael Howard skipping through the daisies on a bright spring morning toward a new future?

As an aside, I watched 'Election Unspun' last night. Very good programme, and very depressing. It looked at how close all the politicians were, how hard it was to differentiate many of their policies, and why this was. It also looked at why many of us in safe seats haven't seen a politician at all, and some areas can't move for them (the marginals).

It looked at some new software which allows politicians of all parties to make best guesses about how you'll vote and to identify the floating voters, enabling them to cater their policies for them...

I am, if anything, more convinced that the country needs electoral reform, with AV+ the parties will not be able to concentrate on that narrow section of floaters.