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I simply don't understand the following viewpoint, don't vote for the party you want to win simply because they might not? I suppose it's one of the consequences of the crazy-arsed first-past-the-post winner-take-all electoral system we have in this country.

A few weeks ago The Independent on Sunday published some interesting poll results. The pollsters asked two questions: "Will you vote Liberal Democrat at the next election?" and "Would you vote Liberal Democrat if you thought they could win?"

About 20% of people said 'Yes' to the first question, which is about what you'd expect, but a very surprising 38% said 'Yes' to the second. This, then, is the riddle: what happens when all the potential Liberal Democrat voters actually vote Liberal Democrat? The answer is: CHANGE.

Simple idea, vote your conscience.

The 'lib dem this time' site is very basic, it needs a fast facelift, with pictures of the various supporters, case studies of constituencies (e.g. surrey heath) and so forth. I'd like to see the site succeed, and hope they'll be doing a lot with it.

A simple thing(!) they could do is a regularly updated, relevant rss feed which has technorati tags and which is then suggested to UK Poliblog