Labour Party Political

I've just seen my first party political of this election. It was for the Labour Party. The general response was vom!

It was Tony and Gordon, sitting having a quiet chat, reflecting on the past, looking to the future (conveniently setting aside issues such as War and Civil Liberties).

Setting the message itself to one side, the thing felt like a cynical construction (it's a party political, what else could it be?)

The camerawork was moving in and out of focus, zooming in on Tony's face, Gordon hesitating over his words... and then cutting to them having exactly the same conversation in another venue, then cutting back. In essence, it was trying to look 'ad hoc', focussing on the water bottle, finding the frame and so on - but it was too overproduced for this to 'fit'.

There was lots of soft focus, a piece of elevator music going over the top, very fluffy and soporific.

Prediction: When (if) I see a Tory Party political, I expect it to be full of deep orchestral doomladen tones, very little soft focus, lots of hard cuts and possible use of black and white.

I nearly forgot, thanks to artela for reminding me. Human Capital - Blair sees us all as Human Capital.... grrrr....