Conservative Election Broadcast

The Conservative party political was transmitted tonight. The Labour Party Political and Liberal Democrat Party Political have previously been transmitted. The general comments on the production values was that it seemed a lot more polished than both Labour and Lib Dems. Labour had polished theirs, but in such a way that it gave rise to thoughts of the film 'Women in Love' - not what was needed for a Party Political.

The music on the conservative broadcast jarred, it had a twinge of 'wannabefunky' about it.

There were a huge number of voxpops.... the messages were essentially the same as has been put out on the posters. Immigration, cleaner hospitals and so on. Almost word for word the same - this wasn't voxpops from people in the street.

It was noticeable that the entire thing was bracketted with immigration, the first, and last message was immigration.

So far, I don't think any of the broadcasts would persuade anyone who wasn't already persuaded.