Am I in the parallel Universe? (Voting Reform)

All of a sudden I feel as if I've stepped from the evil parallel Star Trek Universe. It may simply be that there are fewer people with strange and inexplicable goatees than there used to be, or it could be that the election is turning to one of the issues that really matters. Electoral Reform is on the agenda all of a sudden.

First there was a programme which looked at the problem of a handful of results deciding the outcome on channel 4. After this, the BBC website had a talkback on the issue, though they stopped updating this 'Have your say' pretty rapidly. (The 'Last updated' keeps changing, but no updates seem in evidence!)

Then, listening to BBC's 'Any Questions' on Radio 4, the entire panel was in favour of electoral reform due to the problems with First Past the Post - and made the distinction between the undesirable List based PR and more discriminating systems which keep the constituency link, like AV+. The audience were very much in favour.

I get home and find that I am in strange agreement with Polly Toynbee, a most unusual thing.

Then I see that the front page of The Independent is dedicated to highlighting the 'misdirection' (lie is such a strong word) of 'Vote Lib Dem, get Tory' and 'back doors'.

The challenge is to a) get Tory/Labour to commit in unambiguous terms to electoral reform before the election, and then b) not allow it off the agenda afterwards. To be honest, I don't hold too much hope, but I would love to see this come to pass.

It would complete my shock if ID cards and attacks on civil liberties now became the major issues which they deserve to be! (It was depressing that neither topic came up in Question Time the other night).