School Dinners

Following the 'School Dinners' television programme, Tony Blair has announced that he supports Jamie Oliver's efforts. Whilst this is to be applauded, there are some obvious questions.

First and foremost: what took you so long?

Why did it take Jamie Oliver who hardly has the most political of public images, to change your mind?

Could it be simply the appearance with Parkie?

As Jamie Oliver pointed out in the programme on Channel 4, this is a no-brainer for a politician - there is no rational argument for feeding children junk on a daily basis, perhaps Tony has just realised this?

Jamie Oliver has done a bang up job in putting this issue to the forefront of the public consciousness - all that remains to be seen is if it can stay there long enough for action to take place.

The second question is: Given this is such a good thing to do, why have you waited eight years?

Oh, that's the same as the first question. Must be an important one, then.