Hotel Rwanda

I've just got back from seeing Hotel Rwanda at the cinema. Quite simply, this is a must see film. It certainly isn't a 'feel good' film. It's not uplifting. It's thoroughly depressing. Nevertheless it is a film which deserves to be seen. Indeed, it is a film which should be seen.

Don Cheadle is very good in the film, he makes the part of Paul Rusesabagina his own - and Nick Nolte is also good (though he doesn't sink into the part quite as well). Sophie Okonedo was wonderful as Paul's wife, Tatiana.

This clip taken from the start of the film demonstrates both the arbitrariness of the situation as well as reason for the ensuing conflict.

This film isn't getting much screentime in the UK at the moment - at my cinema it has one showing a day - and that showing wasn't exactly packed - so it may not be available for long. Run. Don't walk to the cinema whil you can.