Dr. Who

With the return of Dr. Who, the BBC is swinging into full force. There are documentaries, behind the scenes stuff, history of the doctor stuff and so forth. Of course, there are TONNES of comments online!

The Doctor returns at the weekend.

I'm not a big Dr. Who fan myself, however I do have a soft spot for it - I well remember being terrified by the Daleks and hiding behind the sofa. Tom Baker is the Doctor for me - Peter Davison followed, Colin Baker and then Sylvester McCoy. McCoy was the doctor when the BBC killed the series, fighting giant liquourice allsort monsters and such - in hindsight he could have been a good doctor given the chance. For me, he was almost the George Lazenby of the Dr. Who world! (I quite liked George).

I'll be watching - and I hope it works, it has a lot to live up to. I've never been a Dr. Who fanboy, but I do want to see it treated well.