Wonderful! My inbox is back!

Some people may be wondering 'what is a inbox?' is a 'social bookmarking site'. It allows you to add bookmarks to your account and tag them. E.g. adding this site you might tag it as 'blog' 'various' 'uk+politics' 'art' 'movies' 'cinema' and so on. The link then appears in your bookmarks, and you can see your bookmarks whereever you go.

So what? Well, is social bookmarking. Suppose I have a particular interest in 'movies'. I can 'subscribe' to that tag, and any new 'movies' links added by anybody are placed in my 'inbox' for my later perusal.

Suppose again that I find a user who has a particularly good taste in links, I can subscribe to them, and all their links go into my inbox.

Every page on has an RSS feed, so one can monitor the site using aggregator tools such as bloglines. This way one only sees the new items by default.

At the time of writing I've imported my own links to the sidebar of the homepage, and my inbox is included at the foot of the homepage. I've put them in these (not very friendly) locations as primarily they're for my own use.

I find that and bloglines are virtually as important as google in managing my online world