Boris Speaks: The IRA and Labour

Boris has written a stunning article likening the offer of the IRA to shoot a man to the Government's position on what are euphemistically called 'control orders'. Boris has moved up in my estimation again. The man is a gem amongst Tories and if one day he isn't made party leader, then the party really does deserve to remain in the doldrums.

I simply fail to understand how Blair et al. can be so unpopular, and undermine so many of our ways of doing things and yet still look set for a stonking majority at the next election! It is incredible.

The opposition parties really need to get their acts together to prevent a third term of this nonsense - and in the unlikely event that the parliament does end up being hung, there will be an ideal opportunity to reform the electoral system.

At the very least, the parties in Sedgefield might agree to only put one candidate against Tony.... After all, they're not going to displace him by splitting the vote (an appalling consequence of the current system, he could get 30% support and still get in as he had three candidates against him with a split vote). For some reason, I don't think this would happen.... it isn't in their interest the tactic could be used against them!

Whilst I think of it. If the election is to be May 5th, then you should be registered this week if you're to get the vote. Do it now!