You gotta love....

.... well thought through comments. The general point is a good one, I would not have written a letter on the strength of a blog post - that is why I quoted a publication in the media (the daily telegraph). This was linked in the copy of the letter I put online. I would be more than happy to find that the newspaper was wrong, but given the wide circulation it'd be nice to have that confirmed.

I also particularly enjoy it when people chuck out unwarranted insults at the end of their post, and then within a minute claim 'censorship'. The rule I operate is that 'I moderate due to spam', but other than that I do not prevent a comment from going online just because it disagrees with me - though I may prevent it if the tone is uncivil or otherwise offensive. I use MT-blacklist to pre-filter comments, this does make it possible that a false positive may occur.

As a one off, I'm not particularly offended by this comment - but don't expect me to be moderating comments 24/7 - especially not in the early hours of the morning (UK time) - this site simply isn't popular enough to hire a staff.