Tory MP suspended and Boris' Award

A tory MP has been suspended for two weeks, looking at the news item.... slease returns! Makes a change from spin and half truths though.

The trouble with the yellow team is that it's just too well behaved to be newsworthy - perhaps being a bit more duplicitous or sleasy would be a good election tactic? Nah, I like my politics straight talking - heck, that's why I like Boris!

Speaking of Boris, I've also just seen that Boris Johnson has won a channel 4 award for making a political impact.

Very much a mixed bag for the blue team - a few months ago, Boris was in trouble with Howard over a non issue. So the person in the dog-house (is he still there?) gets praised whilst another MP who hasn't been in trouble gets sent home to think about his behaviour.

I'm sure the red team will take advantage of this!

Also on Boris' site, there is lots of comment on the Tory abstention on ID cards