The Tories are Terrorists!

Backing BlairA nice article which provides a 'raison d'etre' for the whole 'vote against Tony' campaign. It talks of the Govt using fear of terrorism as a way for them to get away with eroding civil liberties, as well as fear of the Tories as a way for them getting re-elected. The 'Backing Blair' campaign has been accused of being pro-Tory. They make it very clear that it isn't, summarising as:

1. Well, here we are, Tony. We're this angry. We'd like to ask you to pull your head in, but we've seen what you're capable of, and we have no intention of trusting you again. You can soften your position on detention without trial or downplay the possibility of a pre-emptive strike against Iran, but we know that the moment your survive the election you'll be back at it again.

2. Well, here we are, Labour MPs. We're this angry. Get rid of Blair and get Labour back on track. Don't make us do anything you might personally live to regret.

3. Perhaps we'd best make it clear that many of us directly involved with the campaign think that the Tories are complete and utter bastards. Except for Boris Johnson. Boris rules.