Michael Howard on House Arrest

Interesting, my letter would have reached Michael Howard yesterday and I'm not claiming cause and effect (but would it not be nice?) - Michael Howard spoke out against House Arrest today. 'He disagrees with the plans to permit suspected terrorists to be put under house arrest on the order of the Home Secretary because nobody should be "deprived of their liberty on the say so of a politician."'

' "The first duty of government - any government - is to protect the public: to protect life. But in dealing with this threat, we must also protect the British way of life - otherwise the terrorists have won a victory.&quot '

Hear, hear!

In the meantime, Blair has defended the move during Prime Minister's Questions.

I've just seen this from Boris, well done, that man!

'Just what the hell does Charles Clarke think he is doing, arrogating the power - TO HIMSELF - to detain people indefinitely without trial? We have seen nothing like this since the 1940s, the decade in which the state made its most signal advances in eroding economic and personal freedom in this country.'

I do wish 'Have I got News for You' were on at the moment, the full power of Merton and Hislop are needed!