Maj. Samantha Carter

Major Samantha CarterFollowing a few rather dodgy experiments, I have decided that I need to practice faces as often as I can. Though I did draw Einstein to my satisfaction, this wasn't drawn by looking at Einstein, it was drawn looking at him upside down, I won't be able to persuade people to stand on their heads for me. Nobody was around, and so I popped in a DVD, in this case, Stargate, and forwarded to a scene where someone filled the screen. It just happened to by Major Samantha Carter, i.e. Amanda Tapping.

Now, there's plenty of things about this that doesn't work, it's not really her on the page - the shading is not right, the eyes and so on. However, considering where I'm coming from, I can see lots of reasonable things, she's recognisable (if you squint a bit and look at it from an angle) and that's a big thing... and she was drawn right side up!

Portrait PracticeThese are some practice sketches from earlier in the week. The top left sketches are from a colleague to show me the proportions of the head. The sketch on the right is the wife - done before the help from the colleague. The nose is wrong, as it the size of the cranium.

The bottom left sketch was not done from life, it was purely an exercise in the proportions. Drawing in the cranium felt SO unrealistic, it felt huge, however, as soon as it was covered with hair, it seemed to shrink. I think it's because the human brain concentrates on the bottom half of the face where all the features are.

Another trial of a faceThis is another trial of a face, again not from life, it's really an exercise in proportion, this was done immediately before Major Carter! One can see the construction lines I used as a guide.

Portraits in PenThese last few were quick sketches I made at the bottom of a scrap piece of paper I was using for some quick jottings. The one on the left started as a portrait 'from life', but went a little wrong so it ended as a doodle. The others were doodles from the start!

Once I clicked through a few of the technorati tags, I soon found this site of Stargate cartoons, and this made me laugh out loud.