L192 - Unit 3

I've had a hectic few weeks what with one thing and another. Yes, I've had some free time, but it has been important for sanities sake to contrast the constant work with some R&R. This means that the OU stuff has taken a bit of a back seat. I'm just getting into things again, with a deadline 3 weeks away and about 7 weeks of work to do. Eeeep.

Fortunately, there is still enough time. I'm not doing this as I would like, at all. On the bright side, I should have a solid block of time later in the year to review everything properly prior to the exam.

I don't like this, it's not my style, but unfortunately, it's what it's got to be.

I'm getting on with things now, just starting unit 3 (which I should have started a month ago), wish me luck.