Yesterday we went for a small excursion. We headed toward West and ended first stopped at Flowerdown Barrow. This was hard to find - there isn't much there! Sketch at DaneburyFrom here, we went northwest and visited Danebury Hill Fort, I made a quick sketch of the view in the trusty moleskine. The figure on the left is Monica wearing her favourite silly hat - it was cold!

Photo of DaneburyDanebury is an Iron Age hill settlement. It's a local high point, and hence defensible.

Monica was quite keen to go to Danebury, as her PhD was looking at ancient seeds recovered from this site. The seeds had been charred in a granary fire, the granary was simply a deep hole, and then covered over.

A cow at DaneburyAt the top, sheep are grazed, and cattle are grazed on the slopes. The breeds chosen for this are not common ones - the cows were particularly fluffy.