'Contact the Conservatives'

My contribution: I was pleased to read in various broadsheets that the Conservatives are no longer backing ID cards - though disappointed to hear that this will amount to an abstention.

It is a shame that you haven't returned to some of your core values, which surely should include fighting ineffective legislation which impinges on personal freedoms. I look forward to the day that the conservatives oppose this government which has chipped away unopposed at so many of the checks and balances that it is hard to credit.

Let's see if that gets any response. In any event, the LibDems have pointed out the folly of these things from the start.

At some point, I really need to sit down and list the historical rights and freedoms which have disappeared, or are threatened by this government, and then look at the stance which the two main opposition parties took. I'm hoping that someone starts me off in the comments.... (hint!)