Comment on Boris Johnson's Blog

This was seen on Boris Johnson's website, I hope that the author won't mind it being reproduced: Dear Boris,

About time, and likely not soon enough. If the Tories had been on the side of British Civil Liberties from the start, they would be in a much better position vis a vis the election.

Off the top of my head, the Labour Government has brought about:

1) a Ban on foxhunting 2) regulations on how adults can discipline their own children, 3) Belmarch prison and the associated Habeas corpus infringements 4) an attempt to eliminate the right to trial by jury 5) soon to be introduced mandatory ID cards 6) a stated intention to outlaw criticism of religion (Incitement of religious hatred) to cynically try to gain back the Muslim vote 7) an stated intention to give the government the right to detain people in their homes without trial

I'm sure there is even more examples that I can't recall.

Instead of a campaign focus of government waste and cutting taxes, why not focus on the above:

I long to see a Tory Election poster with the above items listed, followed by the question:

Thinking of 4 More Years of Labour? Which Civil Liberties will be the next to go?

If the Tories don't use it, the liberal democrats should.... someone should!

Indeed, the lib-dems should do it first - though personally I couldn't give a stuff about (1), and for many people this is a positive move, hence counterproductive on an attack poster. I can see the need for limits on (2), though for me the existing laws were about right, so this objection is poorly put. I don't have a problem with a law about (6) Incitment to religious hatred, I do have a problem with such a law that's poorly drafted.

That said, the basic intent of this approach is a damned good one.