Big Ben

Houses of parliament

I went into London for a time today. One of the sketches I made is shown here. This was done sitting near county hall, on a very cold day indeed.

Photo of Big Ben

I visited Parliament Square today, then walked past the War Rooms, through HorseGuards Parade and Trafalgar Square. I then dived onto the tube and went up to Tottenham Court Rd. to get an xD card. After this I went out toward St. Paul's, and considered the whispering gallery, but decided against it as the cost is high and time was against me. I then went over the millennium bridge toward the Tate Modern before heading back into the tube (at St. Paul's) and making my way to 'The Gherkin', which isn't the easiest thing to find!

The Gherkin

The Gherkin from below

Westminster Protest

Having seen The Gherkin close to, an impressive structure, I went back toward Covent Garden and met up with the wife, the sister and the sister's bloke. We went on the London Eye, one of the most impressive structure that's out there at the moment. We then went to the Bierodrome for food. Monica and I had Mussels, beer was also had, along with a stick of schnapps (a wooden stick, with holes for schnapps glasses - we had six). My sister had an aubergine thing, and her bloke had chicken.