Wandering Moleskine Project

Ciak and MoleskineThough I'm a ciak user at the moment, I do use a pocket moleskine for general jottings. This was enough for me to sign up to the Wandering Moleskine Project (introduction is here). Essentially the idea is that each person gets a week to put whatever they want onto a page of a moleskine notebook. They then scan it in and post to the next guy.

At the end of its travels, the book returns home. Lovely idea, though they should've called it the 'Wandering Moleskine Diaries' just for the acronym.

It is such a lovely idea I find myself wondering.... should we nick it for ciak? I have a moleskine and ciak in front of me now, and with the exception of the pouch, I can't see why the moleskine is so preferred by many - maybe they just don't know about ciak? ;)

Some of the first pages are being posted.

(Edit: I am selling some CIAK online )