There are moves to ban the swastika across the whole of the EU. There are already laws in Germany for a ban, due to its Nazi associations. To be honest, though it's 'only a symbol' it has such strong associations that I find it offensive in its own right - this doesn't happen that often over what is, after all, a mix of pigmentation. Indeed, although I am aware that it has a long history, that history has been all but eclipsed by it's 20th century associations.

Most people, I suspect, have a similar gut reaction to it - they may be surprised to know that in Hinduism it has kept its original meaning, and there is opposition to the ban on this basis. Some people think that the nazis have SO co-opted the symbol that the Hindus should abandon it. I am not at all sure, at the core, just what significance the symbol has in Hinduism, so can't really comment.

There are, of course, the usual ill informed vox-pops out there.

Additional: I've just spotted this insightful comment.