L192 - TMA02 woes

I have 2 sessions still to do before the TMA, which is due next week. This is doable, but I'm not 100% comfortable with it, as I'd like to have spent more time going over the basic vocab before moving on to the next book. The whole of unit 2 has been playing 'catchup' - and I'm just about caught up, but this is at the expense of quality of learning.

Fortunately I can still trade a little on my pre-existing knowledge of French, but I have to get things in order.

Plan for this week:

Tues: Do Unit 2, session 8 Weds: I have a work thing, eek, try to do Unit 2, session 9 before 6pm Thurs: Start to prep the vocab lists from unit 2 session 1 (onwards). Tutorial in the evening (I have yet to hear what topics will be covered, there is no way that I can be in unit 3 for thursday, so if there is the mild rebuke that we got last time, this will annoy me). Fri: Continue to prep vocab lists Sat: Go over vocab, first draft TMA. Sun: Go over vocab again, second and final draft of TMA. Monday (latest): post the thing.

If anything has to be cut, it'll be prepping the vocab lists.