Indian Moon Mission

As seen on slashdot, the Indian moon mission in 2-3 years time will have a component which will impact the surface in a trial for future soft landings. It'd be wonderful to aim for the moon, it's hard to believe that we're some 35 years after Apollo 11 and we have only visited the moon a handful of times. What's really odd is that by Apollo 13 the world had lost interest, until the accident, that is. To go to another world, that's something to fire the spirit!

ISRO has been busy recently with disaster management programmes as well as commercial satellites.

Yes, there are plenty of problems 'on earth' - but that should not prohibit research and exploration. Indeed, life wasn't perfect in Europe when Columbus sailed West. One never knows where the new discoveries which will help solve the 'at home' problems will come from. Indeed, one might argue that space research in India is providing much know-how and expertise which can provide jobs in related industries in a trickle down way.