FluxxThis post won't mean much to most people. I recently got Fluxx Blanxx, and have added these rules to my basic Fluxx deck:

New Keeper


New Action

Ants: Any food keepers face up on the table are spoiled. Discard them.

Jedi Mind Trick: Wave your have under the nose of a weak minded fool (not you!) and say "These aren't the keepers you're looking for”. You can now replace your choice of their keepers from the discard pile, though they must end up with the same number of keepers in the end.

New Rule

Basic Fluxx: Whilst this card is in play, any cards not in the standard deck should be discarded – if they were in your hand they may be replaced.

Keeping it Real: Whilst this card is in play, it is illegal to play any card which has the effect of making a victory impossible. If a victory is already impossible, then the condition may persist.

New Goal

Long Russian Novel: The player who has War and Peace wins

Nuclear War: The player who has the Atom and War wins

Atomic Clock: The player who has the Atom and Time wins

I have two spare blank keeper and two spare blank goal cards - any suggestions?