Monica gave me a Motorola V500 for Christmas. This is all very nice, camera phone (useful in a pinch, though I'll stick with a real camera). I wanted to be able to get photos off the thing, so I've been looking into how to do this. In and out of the mobile phone shops they've been trying to sell me a thing which backs everything up, synchronises PIM and so on...

I don't need all that, I just want to grab the photos. In the orange shop today I was told that all I needed was a bluetooth dongle. I thought 'fine' and grabbed it.

I was initially pleased, I made a connection to the phone, put in identification numbers and all that for security. All good.

Then I tried to actually transfer a file. Absolutely no joy.. the PC side said I didn't have a licence for the software I was using (I'd used their CD!) and the phone could only 'see' the neighbour's (unsecured) phone. The PC could see the phone, but could not do anything with it.

Looks like I need the full blown software, the native functionality seems to do nothing more than say 'I'm here, are you there?'

Damned annoying... the dongle is going back tomorrow.