I like bloglines, a lot. I've been on it for a week, and can't believe I ever managed without it. Essentially it is an RSS aggregator, and I just like the interface, it works very well. However, I'm not as obsessive as this chap!

I will be gradually moving all my RSS feeds (except LJ user accounts) away from LiveJournal and into Bloglines - in LJ it's not easy to just pick up your reading from where you left off.

If you're curious about bloglines, let me know - I'll send you an invite with a ready made list of rss feeds to populate your account with!

I'm also quite partial to, which is a 'social bookmarking' site. You bookmark things on the site and can see them from any computer.... so what? Well, when you bookmark you can 'tag' things. So can everyone else. You can then 'subscribe' to your favourite tags, and a page called 'inbox' fills up with bookmarks to places you may like to see. Fantastic. You can even subscribe to individual people!