Battlestar Galactica - end of Season 1

Tonight was the last episode of the first season of Battlestar Galactica (the remake). For all it's faults, I have fond memories of the original - I grew up with it and I was concerned that the memories may be tarnished. Nevertheless I am extremely impressed. The new series is not the original, that has to be said. There are some nods to the original, in the pilot mini-series we see and old style cylon in a museum and are told 'they still have their uses' for modern cylon culture - however we don't see them again. The new series is different. The new series is good. The new series is over.

The new series will be made - I hope!

The thing is much darker than the original, we see this in the mini-series when they make the point of showing that in wartime it's not just the adults who die....

One nice stylistic touch is the opening credits, after the credits (when they do the 'the cylons were created by man' thing, which I find a bit tedious now), they do a funky drum thing. During this they show split seconds from many scenes of the episode that is to come. There's not enough to spoil the show but enough to make you think 'how do they get *there*?' An exceedingly clever device.

I'm looking forward to its return, and am hoping we get the second series before the americans too!

Starbuck's a girl? Works for me! She's great.