We've just got in from seeing Oliver Stone's 'Alexander'. I can see why it didn't do well in some parts of the US, due to the homosexual element of it. This was quite touching, I thought. Overall, I found the film slightly disjointed, some of the cuts between scenes simply jarred. In the print we saw there was an intermission, shortly before the crossing into India. This was incredibly abrupt, and so was coming back into the film.

Angelina Jolie was at times very good as Alexander's mother, and at other times completely unbelievable, the age gap did not seem credible.

The film had some excellent aspects, the elephants were genuinely good, and the arty shot of the horse facing up to the elephant was very effective - and the battle scenes were good too. Although big battle scenes have been done to death in recent years (I like big epic scenes, but there have been so many I can see there being a long moratorium on them!)

All in all, it's a reasonable entertainment, but no more.

The one trailer that stuck with me was 'Batman Begins'. Looked good, looked 'hard', rather than 'camp', and that's all to the good.