More Stupid Drivers

The stupid drivers are out in force. I went out today to a nearby town. The usual route home was busy so I came out a different way and got lost, no great problem.

I followed my nose home, and found myself going down some country lanes.

I got stuck behind two learner horseriders being trailed by a brown estate car going slow. The estate was obviously there to ensure people gave the horses a wide berth.

Now, this was at a blind left turn (in the UK we drive on the left). Visibility was only a metre or two beyond the horses, not enough to overtake horses safely, especially at an extra low speed and an extra wide berth to account for the learner status of the riders.

The person in the estate wound down their window and beckoned me to overtake - I'm shaking my head - 'no'. They keep beckoning.

I hate other people trying to drive my car for me. Flashing lights and so on. I'll go when *I* can see it is safe to do so, not when the other guy says it's safe. I'm extra glad I didn't do it as some cars come the other way and I would have had a head on crash. Only after I saw the cars did they stop beckoning and indicate 'stop', then they immediately started to beckon again.

Idiot estate driver.

The estate driver had absolutely NO business beckoning me past, I appreciated the fact that they stayed as far left as they could to give me maximum visibility, but they had no place waving at me - especially in a situation where if I'd have followed their 'advice' I would have been dead.

I don't know if this is slightly worse than the people who leave a gap then start flashing their lights stupidly at you when you don't immediately move into it (and plough over the cyclist they haven't seen).

Golden rule: I appreciate other drivers trying to be considerate, but at the end of the day I am the one who must make decisions about my car's direction and speed - make allowances for others, but drive your own car, people!