The End of Enlightenment

Antipixel has a nice little post about why the world is concerned about the USA. Some of the comments are worth a read.

Whilst I'm posting, my apologies for the short posts. As of the middle of last week my main machine has gone ker-pluie. It won't be back in action for at least 24 hrs.

I'm currently posting on my old ibook. I've lost familiarity with it so things are a little bit of a hassle. As a result I'm trying to have a fairly computer free weekend and have managed pretty well. Yesterday was spent at work in the morning, doing paperwork in the afternoon, and at a fireworks display in the evening. Today was paperwork with a bit of a stargate-fest in the background.

Fairly well....? Aaarrghhh! Withdrawal symptoms are setting in! I want my main computer back!