MP3 Player

I'm considering getting am MP3 player to take with me when I go skiing. (Not for actual use on the slopes!) I'm looking at the Iriver 40GB MP3 Player with FM Tuner, but am looking at the Creative JukeBox Zen NX Extra 60GB.

I'm paralysed into indecision. I like the look of the iRiver, but .. but....

The one downside of the iRiver for me is that I can't carry a spare battery. However, each charge lasts a while.

Though the iRiver looks like a Hard Drive to WinXP, Red Chair Software make a program which makes the overall management of tunes that much nicer.

It's so hard to decide!

The iRiver has some nice 'skins', such as this black one or as this white one.

Monica has a 256MB MP3 player which I got her earlier in the year. However I know that she'd want her own hard drive MP3 player too!