L192 TMA 01

At the weekend I got TMA01 for my OU French course done. I posted it on Sunday. TMA stands for 'Tutor Marked Assessment'. I just had an email from my tutor confirming that it arrived safely. Now it's just the marking - fingers crossed!

I have no clue about the sort of turnaround to expect for a written TMA - though I know that it'll seem like forever!

In preparing the TMA I dotted the 'i's and crossed the 't's, I even accented some of the 'e's and 'a's!

There were a couple of places where I was a little unsure - but to ask for help at that stage would not have been right, so I puzzled it through. I actually did the TMA twice - seperated by a night's sleep. I then compared my responses and resolved conflicts before submitting the answers. I'm hoping for a pretty good mark.

This thing is only worth 5% of the whole course, so it isn't the end of the world if I only get 99% :)

The next TMA is due early in 2005.