ID Cards

Labour have a place on their website where support can be registered for ID cards.... but not dissent.

Amazing really that they can get away with tawdry tricks like this.

Liberty are encouraging their members to put down a question for Hazel Blears MP as well as signing their petition

Unfortunately it looks like the question masters for Hazel Blears are Labour Party employees.

Liberty point out that the Government case is that ID cards will:

  • protect against terrorism. Yet the hijackers who attacked the World Trade Centre had ID, as did those alleged to have carried out the Madrid bombings.
  • prevent abuse of the public services, yet 90% of benefit fraud does not involve the use of a false identity.
  • make your passport more secure and enable you to travel more easily abroad. Yet this rests on un-tested biometric technology, do you trust the Government to successfully develop this hi-tech project when so many have failed and run massively over budget?

I've sent two questions to Hazel Blears, I said:

"One of the government's justifications for ID cards is that they will 'help the fight on terrorism'. Can the minister please explain exactly how an ID card could have prevented the Madrid bombings?"


"One of the government's justifications for ID cards is that they will 'help fight benefit fraud'. If the savings are so great, why do the proposals say that we will be charged around 40 pounds for the card?"