Hazel Blears Whitewash

As I suspected, the thing with Hazel Blears was a bit of a whitewash. A few questions put her way, pat answers.

Moderator: Thanks very much Hazel. Sorry we didn't have time to answer all your questions. Please join us again soon when we will be having another online chat with a senior Labour politician. It will be promoted at www.labour.org.uk

I found that the above left a bit of a sour taste in the mouth.

Here's some alternatives: The Lib Dems on ID cards, and The Tories' stand (2)

There is also No2ID and Liberty ID Campaign (and the Liberty new member pages)

Ah well. It's all okay. Apparently we're safer under labour than under any other party. Echoes of 'vote democrat and die'? It worked for Bush!