First Tutorial

I have my first 'real life' tutorial for L192 tonight. Though I've done everything I need to have done for the tutorial, I don't feel as prepared as I'd like. In particular I haven't had time to sit down and really learn the vocabulary, despite preparing vocab lists for the course on the L192 'First Class' conference. (First class is a bit of software the OU use for conferencing).

It's all going to be a bit of a rush tonight. I have paperwork to do for tomorrow, work commitments to half five, and a drive to the tutorial to fit in. I really think something is going to have to give. It'll probably be the paperwork.

I'm only writing this now as I am 'multitasking' - I have to be available in case I'm needed, so I can't wander off. I'll try and kill the paperwork in a minute.