Firefox and Powergen

I'm using powergen for my gas and electricity at the moment (though this will change as their tariff is not really green enough, they don't retain enough green certificates)

Their site has a browser detection script which blocks Firefox. See my earlier discussion of Firefox.

I sent them this email:

I previously wrote to you regarding your rather annoying 'browser detection' script - and its blocking of the Firefox browser.

I have yet to receive a response. However I have installed a plugin to fool your site into thinking I am using Internet Explorer, when in fact I am not. The site works without problem when this is done. I am sending you this message so that when you look at your logs you will not assume that there is nobody using firefox. Indeed, I imagine that others will simply use the plugin without informing you.

Please amend your script, it does little except annoy.

Migrating to Firefox is a great idea. I've not looked back, and now I've got the user agent extension to fool brain dead websites (I only enable it when I have to), I find that I only run MSIE to check that there are no major bugs when MSIE mis-renders my websites. (e.g. MSIE mishandles .png graphics, but I've decided to stick two fingers at microsoft on this one - as it's not a fatal error).