Yet more ID Cards

Further to my recent posts on ID cards, the Lib Dems have made a statement today:

Mark Oaten MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, commenting on the Home Office's response to the Home Affairs Select Committee report on ID cards, said:

"It appears that when you next renew your passport you will have no choice but to spend £35 on a stand-alone ID card, on top of a £73 charge for the passport. The cost to the public seems to escalate with every announcement.

"On top of our existing concerns about the card's ability to tackle crime and terrorism, there is increasing evidence to suggest that biometric technology is not as foolproof as the government claims. At the very least Ministers should find out if the technology works before committing us to ID cards.

"The Government would be much better off spending the £3 billion for ID cards on getting more police onto our streets, and ensuring that the intelligence services are properly resourced to tackle terrorism."