Smoking Bans

Following places such as Boulder, Boston, (a daft law in) Florida and Ireland introducing a smoking ban we see that Australia is following suit. In the UK, Liverpool has become the first UK city to vote for a ban and the Jarvis group are raising the number of non smoking areas in their hotels. A ban is being considered in the channel islands. UK ministers are considering the matter.

Various 'celebs' have protested against the smoking ban, saying that risks are minor. This rather misses the point, even if it were risk free (something I don't believe) it is damned unpleasant to be subjected to someone elses smoke. There is always the argument that people should be able to put whatever they want into their own bodies (only logical if this is extended to currently illegal drugs, as well as the legal ones) - however, people should not be able to put whatever they like into MY system! Someone will have their rights impinged, whether there is a ban or not, it comes down to minimising this.