I went dry slope skiing today - I went last week as well. Last week I was absolutely petrified. When I was younger I had a pretty major disagreement with a dry ski slip and lost (I bounced down and did some damage to my face, luckily superficial).

This put me off for a long time. It frightened my dad to bits, I think, and I never went since. This year I will be going on a ski trip - and so am taking some lessons so that I make the best use of my time in the French Alps.

It isn't the skiing that worries, it is the dry slope. I know how they hurt!

Last week I was 'locked up'. The bloke gut us sliding (I wouldn't call it skiing), making little hops as we went and little bounces.

Today we got to use the 'button lift'. This was good fun, he also got us doing the 'snow plough'. This was a bit of a milestone for me as that is what I did as a boy when I had my crash - I wasn't able to hold the plough, the skis straightened and I went out of control.

No problem today though - in the plough, and going down in a controlled way. Excellent.

I can stop (on a dry slope - the plough won't stop you on snow), and that is a fairly major thing! It is fundamental!

Unfortunately I can't turn in any controlled way (though I can go off course a bit), so did find myself having to shout 'Out of the Way!' at least once. I understand how to turn, but haven't yet really managed to do it.

Still, massive progress - from petrified to having some control and starting to enjoy it in a couple of lessons. Last week I simply couldn't see the fun - not even in the distance. It was a challenge that I was working through. This week I began to enjoy myself. In addition, though I'm still rubbish I can see real progress.