My Open University Plans

The other day my stuff arrived for the OU course, L192. (For all my OU stuff, see this category page)

L192 is "Bon Départ: Beginners' French". I'm doing this for the fun of it(!), I'm simply tired of being monolingual.

I'll be doing the OU in 'spare time', and I'm not going to sweat it. Gaps may happen.

L192 is a 'light' course, 30 units (part time people tend to do 60 units a year, full time 120). However, I will most definitely not be putting something in 'parallel' with L192, even though I probably could and am very tempted to for interests sake. I want to be sure that I can manage the time in my first full year. It is also tempting to do two courses in order to put the unit 1's I want to do behind me as soon as possible. An honours degree requires 120 to 240 points at level 2 or 3 (out of 360).

My first aim is to cease being monolingual, indeed, I'd like to know all the languages! In practical terms I will want to do some German or Spanish at some point, and these *really* need to be level 1 start.

The points weighting implies I could take it on now, but I don't want confusion between languages, and I want to see how the time management goes.

So this means it'll be at least four years before I do my first Level 2 - possibly 5 if I also do A103 (intro to humanities - this because I'm an inveterate physicist and at the moment my brain doesn't work in a humanities kind of way).

It's a recreational degree, I'm not gonna treat it as seriously as I did my first degree! (Physics, at Birmingham University) - but I will want to do well. I wouldn't be happy with just a pass, and to be honest a third or 2(ii) would disappoint. Heck, a 2(i) would be mildly annoying!

The plan: (number in brackets - points for course)

2004 L192: Bon Depart. Beginners French (30) 2005 so far (30) LXR122: Summer School (10) L120: Ouverture (30) ---> Cert French 2006 so far (70) L193: beginner's German (poss spanish) (30) 2007 so far (100) Summer school (probably won't be available) L130: Auftakt (30) -- >Cert German 2008 so far (130) A103 Intro to humanities (60) 2009 so far (190 points)

So that's 2009, and I've not touched level 2. Scary.

So, then there is the Lev 2 and 3 stuff (a heck of a lot of level 1 there, I probably will not count some of it toward the degree - keeping some back as 'padding' which I can use later. When I claim the degree I will want the best I can, not just any degree, so this means I may have to not count some unit 1 things.

Level 2

DD200 Governing Europe (60) Total (250)

Level 3 AA300 Europe: Culture and Identities (60) Total (310)

Then there's the other stuff such as

Level 2 L211 Nouvel Envol (60) Total (370) AS208 The rise of scientific Europe (60) total 430

Level 3 L310 Nouvelles Mises au point (60) total 490 DU301 A world of whose making? Politics, economics, tech and culture (60) total 540.

also, A220: Princes and peoples, history of France and britain, AA311: Political Philosophy, Machiavelli to Mill etc.

If I don't count the L1 French and German, take off 120 points and that's still 420!

In addition I also would like to try some of the latin (level 2, 30 points)!

So, what are my aims?

My short term aim is to not be monolingual. Long term, I'll play it by ear. Each year I'll just say 'what do I fancy?' - and sooner or later a degree will happen. The earliest I'll claim, assuming I don't 'double up' on courses at any point is 2012.

Scary indeed.

Even if I end up not counting some of the earlier courses, they'll still give me a bit of paper to show. The courses I don't use might simply be counted toward a different degree.

It wouldn't be too tricky with some spare courses to do some extra level 3 language stuff, pad it with my left-over courses and claim a modern languages or humanities degree!

Given that one can reuse courses in more than one degree subject to certain rules it wouldn't take that much extra if I had some spare unit 1 courses, a year, maybe two.

So, assuming I can stay the course, the first OU degree will come slow, and then two or three at once!

As for doubling up courses, If I do so then it'll be next year, L120 french with beginner german (they're different enough). I might even double it up with some latin.

A shame the OU doesn't do a 60 point combination of L192 and L120 :) ditto for German. Get it done in a year.

Hopefully, by the time I've done unit 1 french, there will be another choice, like Italian. I'd love to do Italian.

Or Hindi. Or better still, Bengali.

It all sounds rather haphazard. That's because it is.

This is simply because I'm not doing it with 'an end in mind' (though I am picking courses which can count for a BA in European studies), I'm doing it all for purely its own sake.