Music to walk home by.

We went out for sunday lunch today, deciding to walk back along the canal. As we were walking home, we heard music playing. It sounded like a big band in the distance. Unusual, but not massively so as we live near army areas. We thought it might be a military band.

As we got closer we could hear the tune, it was " I'm getting married in the morning", and it wasn't coming from the military area over the canal to the right, but from the houses on the left.

As we got closer still we could hear some of the detail in the tune, and realised it wasn't a military band at all - way too many twiddly bits. The music changed to a new tune.

By now, it was very loud. We turned off the canal path and walked past the house where the music was coming from, down by the side of the house there was a lorry, with a side panel open. It was part of a mobile fairground. On a sunday afternoon it was extremely loud indeed, I pitied the neighbours!

The amusing thing was that near the lorry was a sign which said 'Warning, Guard Dog'... and in front of that was a warning for drivers visiting the house: 'Warning, Deaf Cat'.

As we walked away, the music fading behind us, the music changed again and the machine began playing 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines'...