Ebu Gogo

I've just seen a report on the BBC Television news about 'The Hobbits'. They said something along the lines of 'it shatters theories about human evolution'. Excuse me? How's that again? Given that the theory of human evolution doesn't preclude offshoots, this evidence is not contradictory, if nothing else it adds to the evidence base that humans are subject to evolutionary pressures - like other animals. We see evolution all around us all the time, most noticably in species with short lifetimes such as bacteria, the reason people find it difficult for humans is that, by neccesity, one human lifetime doesn't see much (any) change.

Whilst it does not change fundamental ideas of human evolution, what it does do is revise our expectations about brain size neccesary for tool use - but that is a whole different ball game.

Indeed, the most important result would be if we found some reasonably intelligent living specimins... I wonder how the fundamentalists would react to that? (Probably badly, and claiming that they were 'without soul' - but I hope I'm wrong).