Dubya can't take it?

No Bush The George 'dubya' Bush re-election website has been blocked to people outside the USA.

This is perplexing given the global importance of the US election. Sure, people outside the US can't vote, but the eventual winner will have to be able to do business abroad. Indeed, some US voters will currently be out of the country and returning before polling day.

When I view the site, I see this:

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "http://www.georgewbush.com/" on this server.

An up to the minute report on the site availability is here.

Are they worried that people outside the US borders might notice problems in their record? Could it be that the campaign simply can't afford to run a real webserver? ... or are they trying to encourage people to use the country specific sites like http://www.georgewbush.co.uk/?

One can use the Google Cache, or perhaps use the .org site (with its 'dead letter' mailbox). This is reasonably easy to get around by using a US based proxy server. This link takes you to the page through a web based server (it adds some adverts to the page)

As people have said on Slashdot:

This action actually speaks volumes about the man's foreign policy and his understanding of the need to win the hearts and mind of non-USians.


While I agree that there is nothing "wrong" with this (other than the collateral overseas abenstee voter damage), it does point out something about this presidents beliefs:

What the rest of the world thinks does not matter.

The John Kerry site and blog is still available to all. Quite rightly as what happens in the white house is of interest to the whole planet.

In other news, 36 newspapers which backed Bush in the 2000 election now back Kerry, and a further 9 have stopped backing Bush without switching to Kerry. Interestingly, the Bush Blog doesn't seem to allow comments, unlike the Kerry blog.